For advanced and beginners ages K-9th grade, our winter folkstyle teams learn the Tech Wrestling System and can compete at local tournaments. This is our most popular season!


Freestyle and Greco emphasis (the Olympic styles), all ability. A great time to hone your takedown game! Registration now open!


A great way to stay in shape, keep your wrestling skills sharp, and to continue learning more! Various camps available.


A great way to get individualized instruction. By appointment only. 



Everyone has questions. See if we have an answer here for one of yours.


Winter Season Overview

USA Wrestling Membership

Winter Season Overview

Winter is a great time to train at TECH! With age-specific training groups, beginner through advanced wrestlers grades K-9th train in a team setting where they learn and hone their folkstyle wrestling skills and fundamentals in the TECH Wrestling System at the TECH Training Facility at 1168 W 500 N, Centerville, Utah. The Club Registration fee for the season is $155.

Practice Schedule

USA Wrestling Membership

Winter Season Overview

NOVEMBER 14th-FEB. 6th 


Tech Wrestling Club, 1168 W 500 N, Centerville, Utah

4:00-5:30 PM Older Elementary

5:30-7:00 PM Jr High 

7:00-8:00 PM Early Elementary (small room Tuesdays, big room Thursdays)

USA Wrestling Membership

USA Wrestling Membership

USA Wrestling Membership

A current annual "Limited Folkstyle" USA Wrestling Membership is required to join TECH. This costs about $20 per year and can be purchased at USA Wrestling's membership website. Take a shortcut by clicking on the button below.

Online Club Registration

Online Club Registration

USA Wrestling Membership

Club winter registration is online and can be accessed by clicking the button below. A registration Open House will be held November 12th at TECH from 6:00-7:30 PM for parents who would like to meet the coaches, ask questions, and get more info. Registration can also be processed at the Open House.


Online Club Registration

Tournament Schedule

Brandon Ripplinger

Dereck Wesche

Gentry Gasser


Tournament Schedule

Online Club Registration

Tournament Schedule

Tournaments are not mandatory but can offer wrestlers who are wanting to wrestle matches a chance to get match experience. Tournaments are generally held on Saturdays at various sites around the state and cost a $12-15 registration fee. Attempts to group wrestlers by size, age, and ability level are made. More information and the schedule can be found below.



Tournaments are not mandatory but can offer wrestlers who are wanting to wrestle matches a chance to get match experience. Tournaments are generally held on Saturdays and cost a $12-15 registration fee. Attempts to group wrestlers by size, age, and ability level are made.

Wrestlers must be registered for the coming weekend's tournament no later than 4:30 PM on the Thursday before the tournament (Northern State and Super State need sooner registration than that). Registration is online at Click on the "Events" tab and then search for the title of the tournament.

Schedules for each tournament including start times for each age division can be accessed at

November 23 

Corner Canyon Tournament (Corner Canyon H.S.)

December 14

Battle Royal Tournament & Rec League State (Legacy Events Center)

December 21

Fremont Tournament

December 28

Border Wars Duals (Bear River H.S.)- Limited Spots available; Tryouts to be held week before.

January 18

Christy's Clash (Syracuse H.S.)

January 24-25

Northern State Tournament (Bingham High School)

4th-6th Grade on Friday, 7th-9th on Saturday. Youth Festival for grades K-3rd on either Friday or Saturday evening. Early pre-registration is suggested as the Youth Festival caps once open spots are filled.

February  7-8

Youth Super State (Legacy Events Center, Farmington)

This is tournament is for more competitive level wrestlers grades K-9th. 

The USA Utah Wrestling website which contains the full schedule can be accessed at






1. Have a current USA Wrestling Standard Membership ($45). If you wrestled the Winter Folkstyle Season you likely just purchased the "Limited Folkstyle" membership ($15). You will need to upgrade your wrestler's membership to the regular membership, just paying the difference. This can be purchased at

2. Register for the TECH Spring Training season 2020 ($165) on at the following link before your first practice:

Click Here to Go to Registration and Payment Portal.


Freestyle is a takedown-focused style of wrestling. The freestyle wrestling season is a great time for wrestlers to focus on wrestling on their feet and executing takedowns and gaining more breadth in takedown and scoring strategy. This is a very fun style and a change of pace from folkstyle. The season begins the end of February and goes into the first part of May.


First Practice is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH @ TECH, 1168 W 500 N, Centerville



7:00-8:00 PM Jr. Group (Ages 5-9) in the SMALL ROOM

8:00-9:30 PM Senior/Advanced Group (4th-12th grade) BIG ROOM

*3/29/20 COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 the spring season is under further postponement until further notice. We are trying to be good citizens and follow the direction from our government leaders and local health departments, and as such we will continue to monitor the situation and will follow the guidance given for youth sports programs. For now the recommendation is to continue social distancing through April 30th. As of now, USA Wrestling Utah has postponed the freestyle state tournament to May or June depending on how things develop with a few other potential tournaments along the way. At this point our plan is to resume training as soon as the local health departments, state government, and USA Wrestling allow us to, and when they do we will continue our season and training in its entirety and we are looking forward to it! We know you are too. Upon resuming, practices will be at the normal freestyle times: Tuesdays and Thursdays Ages 5-9 at 7:00-8:00 PM, Ages 10-18 at 8:00-9:30 PM. This season may will be extended into whatever season they let us resume, for example it might be May-July, June-August, etc. just depending on whenever we are cleared to go again. As soon as we get clearance we will post the full schedule here. In the meantime, hang tight, stay in shape and we will pick this back up as soon as they let us! Watch for updates here.


Brandon Ripplinger

QUESTIONS can be addressed to



Summer Camp Overview

USA Wrestling Membership Required

Summer Camp Overview

A unique training opportunity to match the unique times we are in, TECH's 2020 "STAY FIT, STAY FOCUSED CAMP" is the perfect way to get off your duff and live like an athlete again: *Engaging daily workouts via web-conferencing, *Innovative regular fitness and wrestling knowledge competitions, *Access to massive technique video library, *"Mileage Motivators" to listen to on your weekend Focus Runs. Cost is $200/wrestler.


USA Wrestling Membership Required

Summer Camp Overview

JUNE 1st - JULY 23rd

Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 PM: Wrestling-focused Training Sessions via Zoom 

Monday and Wednesdays 7:15 AM: Crossfit with Rob Eastman via Zoom

Coaches: Brandon Ripplinger, Rob Eastman, Dereck Wesche, Gentry Gasser

QUESTIONS: email or

USA Wrestling Membership Required

USA Wrestling Membership Required

USA Wrestling Membership Required

A current annual "Limited Folkstyle" USA Wrestling Membership is required to join TECH. This costs about $20 per year and can be purchased at USA Wrestling's membership website. Take a shortcut by clicking on the button below.

Online Camp Registration

Online Camp Registration

USA Wrestling Membership Required

Participants must be pre-registered online prior to June 1st. Registration and payment can be made by clicking on the button below.


Online Camp Registration


Like to compete? Check out this summer's leaderboards here:


Online Camp Registration


This camp is being held remotely, so you'll need the following to fully participate: *a lined-paper notebook, 5-gallon bucket, *2 racquetballs, *Proper sized jump rope, *2 kitchen chairs or folding chairs, *Tape measure, *Sidewalk chalk, *Internet connection and device (smartphone, laptop, or tablet) to access the LIVE workouts via Zoom. Links to join will be sent out daily to registered participants.


Wrestling Lessons

Additional Information

We offer wrestling lessons for those looking to get individualized instruction.  Lessons are by appointment only and can be arranged with our instructors during our weekly lessons schedule. For more information email us at or

There are several ways lessons can serve your wrestler well:

*To work on an individual's technique

*To learn technique not covered during the season training

*To further practice and refine what you are learning in training

*To break down match video

Most lessons are done in small groups of 2-3 wrestlers who are the same size and share the lesson session which is typically 45-60 minutes as pre-arranged. Equal parts of the lesson are devoted to the focus on each wrestler's needs and strategic training plan.

Lessons are a great way to get extra individual help during the season as a supplement to the team training, or it can be a good way to continue learning in an individualized way in the off-season. There is no pressure or requirement to do lessons, but if this is something you are interested in as you might be piano or guitar lessons, we do wrestling lessons. If you have questions, talk to one of the coaches or email us at the addresses above.

Parent Guide and FAQ's

Additional Information

Whether you are a veteran wrestling parent or a rookie, there are a few things you will need to remember. The following guide is meant to be a helpful resource and answer questions you may have. 

What equipment does my wrestler need to where to practice?

Clean workout clothes: a t-shirt, shorts or sweat pants, preferably wrestling shoes but gym shoes are okay as long as they are clean and haven't been worn on the street or other places since cleaning. Headgear is optional for youth wrestlers at practice but needed for tournaments. Gear can be purchased at major sporting goods stores or online at sites like Amazon.

How do we buy team gear?

At the beginning of the season, you can order gear at the front desk at TECH, or watch for an email from the club after registration. Gear is ordered early so don't hesitate to ask if you want to order and haven't heard anything.

Does my wrestler have to wrestle at tournaments?

Tournaments are not required but encouraged for wrestlers who feel they are ready and want to go try the moves out that they have learned in a real match setting. Most tournaments bracket wrestlers of similar age, size, and ability level to attempt to get kids competitive matches. When registering your wrestler you will select an "experience level". Our general rule of thumb (there are of course exceptions) is that a wrestler shouldn't go to tournaments until he 1-) has a decent understanding of how a match works, and 2-) is excited to start wrestling at tournaments. The tournaments that we list on our schedule on this website are the tournaments we plan to go to. You do not have to go to all of them, but we hope that who are competing will go to as many as they can that fit their family's schedule. There are more tournaments out there that we don't attend, so if a parent wants to take his or her wrestler to a tournament not on our schedule, you are welcome to go on your own. WE  ENCOURAGE ALL OUR WRESTLERS (GRADES 4-9) WITH DECENT EXPERIENCE TO COMPETE AT THE NORTHERN STATE TOURNAMENT AT THE END OF JANUARY. 

How do I register and weigh-in for tournaments?

Tournament registration is online and must be completed by Thursday afternoon before the tournament. (Super State and Northern State require even earlier pre-registrations, so please see for detailed scheduled and instructions for those tournaments.) Weighins for normal tournaments will take place at our club at the end of Thursday's practices.

What "level" should I register for at tournaments?

The level options are: Beginner, Average, Good, Excellent. Excellent is usually what the very best kids in the state register as (state placer or state champion). If your wrestler is a first year wrestler, definitely "Beginner". Other than that, use your judgment. Some parents register wrestlers too high or too low, but in general do your best to register your wrestler at a level where he will have a good balance of opponents in which he can practice what he is learning but also be somewhat challenged. In other words, if you are registering him as "beginner" and he is man-handling everyone, it is time to move him up a level. Try the next level up for a couple weeks, and gauge it to see if that is an appropriate level. After awhile you get a decent idea for what level your wrestler should be registered as. One mistake parents sometimes make is when they register their beginner wrestler as "excellent" in hopes fo making him learn how to compete with the best kids. That rarely if ever works out without the young wrestler getting completely discouraged. Appropriate level is an important part of normal development, and individuals progress at their own pace. Let them be them and provide them with the right scaffolding as they progress.

Do I need to buy a singlet or wrestling shoes, and if so, where can I get that equipment?

Singlets are not required but may be more comfortable and allow easier maneuvering when competing. Club singlets can be purchased in the gear order at the beginning of the season, or you can buy a generic singlet at a sporting goods store or online at amateur wrestling websites. If you have questions on if a singlet is approved, ask an experienced parent or a coach.

What should I expect at tournaments?

Most tournaments operate on a staggered start schedule. That means a couple age divisions will start at, say, 9 AM and conclude by 10 AM, and then a couple more age divisions will start at 10 and finish by 11. Your wrestler's weight class will usually be assigned to a Mat for the session, and all his matches will be on the same mat. Usually wrestlers will get three matches with about a 15-20 minute break between matches. Brackets are round-robin at normal local season tournaments, and championship tournaments are double-elimination. The reason we go to tournaments is to get "practice matches" and to learn how to wrestle matches. We want our wrestlers to learn how to score points in matches, how to win matches, and how to handle themselves in competition settings, but at the end of the day, we see these as an extension of practice and development. So do your best and have fun. Get to know other people from our team and from other teams while you are there. There are many great people involved in the wrestling community and many great opportunities for connections around the state and around the country. Coaching-wise, coaches will try their best to be in the corner for our wrestlers when their match is on, but they won't always be there and parents are welcome to coach/support their wrestlers from the corner when that is the case. Please express gratitude to our coaches when they are there and be sure to listen to their advice after the match. Championship events, however, do normally have a coach in the corner for every match.